Lost or Broken a Filling?

Have You Lost or Broken a Filling?

Fillings, unfortunately, never last forever. The mouth can be an unforgiving environment and eventually, wear and tear take their toll. Fillings can last for many decades or just months – not all situations are equal. A short longevity may indicate other problems or the need for a stronger material. Best to organize a consultation as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

Consider the Following Questions When Calling:

  • Has your broken filling affected your smile? If so – call immediately. Treatment is often simple and straight forward and we can have you smiling again in no time. 
  • Is your broken tooth cutting your tongue, cheek or lip? If so – we recommend booking in immediately. Broken teeth often have sharp edges that cut the surrounding tissues. Tongues especially can get sore very quickly if they rub against a broken tooth. 
  • Is your tooth now sensitive? If so, it is likely that the inside layer of the tooth is exposed and needs to be covered. Leaving the inner layer of the tooth exposed can result in irreversible inflammation of the dental pulp and bigger, more expensive problems to solve. Book a consultation and treat your tooth as soon as possible. 
  • Has a large piece of filling broken away and your tooth is not sensitive? So long as you can keep your tooth clean (food is not getting stuck between teeth for example) and it is not cutting your tongue, cheek or lip – urgent treatment may not be required. If the tooth is not sensitive when the tooth has broken – it often won’t be over the next week. A consultation is recommended within a week but you probably don’t need to panic.
  • Is your filling loose but it has not fallen out and your tooth is not sensitive? Delaying treatment can often result in decay. This decay will often start in the deeper part of the tooth as opposed to the surface because the loose filling allows bacteria to get inside the tooth. Deep decay can be catastrophic for teeth and we recommend immediate consultation and treatment. 

How Do We Treat Broken Fillings?

Before treating a broken filling, we will carry out a thorough assessment of the situation. This will include a consultation with you to determine your options, preferences and budget. A range of treatment options and materials will be presented and we will help you choose the right treatment for you.

Recurrent Decay Around Filling Video

Failed Large Filling (Amalgam)

Failed Large Filling (Composite)

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Lost or Broken a Filling

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