Do You Need a Tooth Extracted?

Although it is usually better to try to save your teeth, there are times when a tooth extraction is the only solution to your dental problem or pain.

Consider the following questions when calling about a tooth extraction:

  • Is the tooth necessary for chewing efficiently?
  • Is the tooth necessary for having a nice smile?
  • If the tooth is removed, will I over-load the opposite side because I can only chew there?

Removal of a tooth always starts with a careful assessment of the tooth, including an x ray. We will never extract a tooth without an x-ray film taken prior. This is for your safety to ensure removal is straightforward and safe.

We will always endeavour to remove your tooth gently, carefully and with the minimum of trauma so that you can heal as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Not all teeth are created equal – some are very difficult to remove. We will always discuss risks, benefits, difficulties and alternatives with you prior to extraction of a tooth. Please be aware that our reception team or dentists cannot tell over the phone how easy or difficult your tooth will be to remove.

If your tooth is particularly difficult to remove, it may be inappropriate for our general dentists to remove your tooth at your first visit. We will discuss with you options, including referring to an Oral Surgeon or colleague who is highly skilled in Oral Surgery. Luckily, Dr Claudia Beltran is a member of our team and ready to help you with any difficult extraction. There is always measures we can take to help get you out of pain so please call so we can assist you.


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