Swelling or Infection

Are You Experiencing Swelling or Infection?

Swelling in the mouth or adjacent tissues is typically the result of bacterial infection. Treatment must be immediate and involve removing the source of the infection to limit it’s spread. If you feel that you have an infection or swelling – call now to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. It will almost certainly save you considerable pain and could even save your life! 

Consider the following questions when calling:

  • Can you identify the source? Is it gum? Tooth?
  • Has the swelling spread to the gum, under a tooth (abscess), your face, towards your eye or towards  your neck?
  • Is the infection draining  - do you have a bad taste?
  • Is the infection not draining – are you feeling significant and increasing pressure and pain?

If the infection is spreading to your face – it could end up blocking your airway or eye and can turn into a serious, life threatening infection.

How Do We Treat Swelling or Infection?

Infection and swelling of the gum can often be treated with deep cleaning of the affected area and sometimes antibiotics.

Infection and swelling from a tooth needs to be treated by Root Canal Treatment or Extraction.

Infection and swelling spread to the face often requires hospitalisation and intra-venous antibiotics – do not delay treatment.

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Experiencing Swelling or Infection

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